Our Team offers a very unique unmatched Lead program for its agents in today’s ever-changing real estate market.

We generate over 500+ leads every month by way of Social marketing, Pay Per Click marketing, Digital marketing, TV Commercials and other tested methods. The leads are called and scrubbed by our ISA’s (Inside Sales Assistant) staff that calls the lead’s and gauges timing and motivation using a custom proven time-tested script. The ISA’s then either sets an appointment for you (active ready to go buyers and sellers) or continues to follow up until the lead is ready to make a move (nurtured long-term buyers and sellers). The leads are both buyer and seller prospects looking to make a move within 30 days or more.

You’ll have your leads categorized, labeled and followed up with our custom created contact management software system. Once you the agent is either assigned a lead for nurture building (not ready buyers), the ISA’s will introduce you to the buyer for nurture and follow up, but ONLY if the qualified buyer is making a move within 2 to 4 months. The ISA’s then set’s an appointment for you the (OSA) Outside Sales Agent to be assigned a ready to go buyer or seller as an appointment in our office (Buyers) or in their home for a SELLING (we don’t list houses, we SELL houses) appointment for those selling.

Just a few quick facts about our systems and program

  • Over $50M of sold company generated leads within the last 3 years
  • Agents sell on average 1.5 to 2.2 homes per month on this program or 3.5+ a month if your great.
  • Leads are pre-scrubbed by our ISA team and our technology so you don’t have to…
  • Leads do not fall through the cracks because our ISA’s agent’s calls and does all the follow up along with our AI.
  • Agents get their very own custom CRM dashboard to manage their leads and appointments.
  • We provide our agents top notch training on Buyer presentations and Selling presentations along with coaching.
  • We provide agents all the necessary tools to work with Buyer’s and Seller’s including Certified buyer and seller presentations.
  • Learn Tips, Tricks and best practices with our weekly mastermind meetings on lead conversion and scripts.
  • We offer OVER $50,000 worth of tools, systems and training to help agents become extremely successful in their real estate career!

Company Lead Program

Our Lead Program is for agents who would like to get company generated leads but but not be a part of a full team. These leads populate through our lead generation website/CRM powered by KV Core, ShoutBoss and Brivity. Each agent gets his/her CRM system as a part of our technology package. Each agent will receive approximately 24 to 40 leads per month.

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