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What makes a Mega Agent operates at a high level of personal and professional achievement.

Don’t get lost in the world of Social Media and Online Marketing! By remembering a few general tips, you can dominate the market you’re in, brand yourself as the neighborhood expert and gain business simply from building awareness. In this course, you will learn the strategies we gained from top digital marketers that helped grow our business quickly!

Skills we need to develop in order to become a Mega Agent:


  1. Mindset is the most important thing to becoming a Mega Agent

  2. Ask great questions

  3. Listen to what client or potential client is saying vs. thinking of what you are going to say next.

  4. Practice your scripts instead of sounding like your reading from a form.

  5. Turn leads into appointments faster with scripts, communication, AI and follow-up.

  6. Measure the depth of the client motivation and needs.

  7. Know your market and the monthly statistics.

  8. Keep your ego out of the conversation. All the client cares about is Whats in it for me.

  9. Avoid distractions that keep you from being productive.

  10. The ability to delegate – leverage.

  11. Tonality, energy and enthusiasm in important in all aspects of your business.

  12. Have a strong, professional sales presentation and be constantly practicing  your presentation and constantly changing it to adapt to current market.

  13. Be direct and not afraid of the response from the client.

  14. Don’t give up! Can’t isn’t part of your vocabulary

  15. Communicate to the clients and customers the truth. Don’t worry about what comes next.

  16. Understand the importance of attitude, approach and expectations.

  17. Constantly reading books or listening to audio books while driving to more self-discipline and grow your business

  18. Use humor to release stress and to get people involved.

  19. Work on developing business maturity.

  20. Be coachable and work with a coach that makes you accountable.

  21. Lead generation, social media marketing, sphere of influence, past clients, FSBO, expires, follow-up with leads and delegate follow-up with team.

  22. Knowing what to say vs. winging it. Always arrive at appointment 15 minutes early to go over your presentation in your mind.

  23. SCHEDULE on your calendar time to grow business and follow-up. One of the biggest problems is time structure.

  24. Expect results from today’s work 90 days from now.

  25. Don’t take rejection to heart as its part of the winning part of the deal.

  26. Eliminate non-productive options.

  27. Start everyday from zero. Everyday when you wake up, your self-employed and you need to grow your business.

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