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Social Media Marketing

It won't be an understatement to say that social media has revolutionized the real estate industry.

In today's real estate market where 77% of agents are on social media, it's hard to stand out and get your message out to potential customers.

At Boost we have crafted a social media strategy that caters to both, the Buyers and sellers.

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Success in Social Media!

Here are some important features to consider to succeed on social media:

1. Social media benefits for real estate agents is instant engagement, targeted advertising, and brand awareness
2. Creating your social media strategy to both buyers and sellers.
3. Know the potential clients you want to market to vs. a mast market area.
4. Use Facebook marketplace for your real estate business.
5. Market on Instagram, create interesting short BIO and use hashtags in your post.
6. Create your Youtube real estate channel and create videos of local properties and surrounding area.
7. Social media content isn't always about you or what you are doing, clients want beneficial content.
8. If you put the time in on social media, it can produce a high return on investment.
9. Make sure you have a way to track you social media marketing and budget.

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Are You Ready To Succeed On Social Media?

In today's world, there are many social channels available today like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin and Tik Tok just to name a few. These platforms allow realtors to post and share various types of content such as properties, branding, blogs, images, and videos. In posting your content, you want your potential client to reply to comments, send messages, and share your post.

At Boost we have a social media campaign that provides you with all the tools needed to succeed.

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From our clients

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood what I was looking for to advance my real estate business. I was hesitant at first, but was amazed at all they offer along with all the leads and coaching along with the technology.

Carly Young, NC

I knew that the real estate business was changing, and I wanted to stay ahead of the curve. Boost Leadership has toms of knowledge in technology and its cloud base office is exactly what I was looking for to grow my business.

Jeff Gemmell, FL

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! The Boost talent is the best you can ask for. Amazed at the leads, technology and training they offer.

Mark Levin, VT

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